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One of the hotel’s unique attributes lies in the convenience factor. Lion Hotel & Plaza is the first hotel in North Sulawesi within the Shopping Mall that serves both business and leisure visitors.

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About Manado

Lion Hotel & Plaza is the best choice,designed to international standardsand offers luxury, comfort and amenities to the discerning and well-traveled customers. Located in Jln Piere Tendean fronting the Manado Bay, the hotel is within the town of Manado city over-looking a spectacular ocean view facing the world renowned diving spot, Bunaken.

Lion Hotel & Plaza is located strategically along the shopping beltof Manado city. The hotel consists of 170 rooms, allowing guests to choose from Superior, Deluxe or Suite Rooms. With elegant minimalistic design and touches of local decor in soothingcolors, Lion Hotel & Plaza provides a calm ambience for guests to unwind in comfort.

Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi province of Indonesia and located at the bay of Manado, and estimated to have been resided since XVI century. It was once called “Kota Wenang” and later in 1963 the name was changed to Manado.